Laurel Massé's The Road to Dreamland

The International Cabaret Conference Returns to Yale

Who said cabaret was passé?!
We are led to wax rhapsodic by the Ninth Annual International Cabaret Conference at Yale University, which holds its public performances July 23-24 and 28-30 at Yale's Iseman Theater (1156 Chapel St.; 888-736-2663, thecabaretconferenceatyale.com). There are three double-feature concert nights: Tovah Feldshuh's Ageing is Optional and Amanda McBroom's Noir … Women and Sex on Saturday the 23rd, Sharon McNight's A Night With McKnight and Pamela Tate's Blues in the Night Thursday the 28th and, on Friday the 29th, Sally Mayes inConcert and Laurel Massé's The Road to Dreamland. Reminding us that this is a conference for passionate practitioners of the exacting cabaret profession, there's a Cabaret Stars in Concert: Our Fabulous Facultyrevue Sunday, July 24 featuring all of the above plus Carol HallPamela Meyers and — gasp! — the iridescentJulie Wilson, along with a few gents: Tex ArnoldErv RaibleAlex Rybeck and Paul Trueblood. On July 30, the students get a turn, with the annual Cabaret Stars of Tomorrow concert. No names listed, but they'll be famous soon enough. All shows are at 7:30 p.m. and cost $35 ($25 seniors, $15 students).
And we're not the only ones inspired to croon through the sheer anticipation of the ICCY.
Visit the conference's homepage (thecabaretconferenceatyale.com) to hear George Hall sing an original ditty about the conference, "It's Great to Be at Yale." The full-length, wordplay-laden song ends thus:
I'm always scrimping and saving to satisfy my craving to make my annual trip toNew Haven
To indulge in a pleasure that never seems to grow stale:
I refer to the Cabaret Conference here at Yale.