Friday 2/15/08 (7 – 10 PM)

“Interplay – A holistic Jazz Experience that will change your life!”Interplay Jazz - Vocal Master Class – Application
Concord, MA February 15 – February 18, 2008
Featuring Special Guest vocalist and master teacher Laurel Massé Founding member and former lead singer of Manhattan Transfer!

Friday 2/15/08 (7 – 10 PM) Reception at David and Rosemary
Miller’s home in Concord, MA. This will be a great opportunity to
meet each other and get (re)aquainted. There will be a short
performance by Laurel and Fred.

Saturday 2/16 (9 AM – 6 PM) This will be the heart of the
workshop. We will delve extensively into song performance and
working with a musical director, accompanist or small group.
Special attention will be given to the art of interpreting lyrics and
communicating with the audience. If you can only attend for one
day, this will be the day (see application options).

Sunday 2/17 (10 AM – 5 PM) We’ll be building on Saturday's
work, including how health and personal appearance effects your
performance, handling on-stage mistakes, and how to sequence a
set. Over the course of the two days each participant will work on
preparing songs for performance. Following a late afternoon
break, our evening will consist of a catered dinner and a
performance by workshop participants. Friends and family will be
invited to attend.

Monday 2/18 (10 AM - 1 PM) Taking it home with you: We’ll
work on organizing your practice, setting goals and “What’s
next?” Light lunch served at noon.

Vocalist Laurel Massé

For more information about Interplay Jazz visit:http://www.interplayjazz.com/

AND,Laurel’s website:http://www.laurelmasse.com/

During the course of the weekend, Dartmouth Senior Lecturer Fred Haas will offer classes in music theory,basic keyboard skills, chart writing, ear training and scat singing. Throughout the weekend Fred Haas (pianoand saxophone), John Schwartzberg (piano) and Jason Ennis (guitar) will be available to accompany vocalistsas they prepare for the Sunday evening performance.

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