CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE is now accepting nominations to find the MEMBERS CHOICE of the top 10 cabaret performers or acts (revue, duo, etc.) for the year 2007. Nominations and voting may only be made by 2007-2008 members of CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE (click on the MEMBERS button above to see if you are a paid-up member).

Nominees must have done their shows in the calendar year 2007. Members may only nominate performers/acts they personally have actually seen in performance in 2007. There are no categories, no minimum number of shows, no limit to club location. It must be a full cabaret performance for which a cover/ticket had to be paid - not a concert, showcase, open mic, festival (Cabaret Convention, etc.) or benefit appearance.

Nominations will close at midnight on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008.

All nominations will be tallied and listed according to the number of nominations received for a particular performer/act. A second ballot containing all nominees who have received 3 or more nominations will be sent by e-mail to all 2007-2008 CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE members of record as of February 2, 2008 for voting on the final 10 choices. The top 10 choices will be announced as quickly as possible after Saturday, March 1, 2008
VOTES FOR LAUREL HERE:http://www.cabarethotlineonline.com/MemberPerformerNom08.shtml

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