September 29(Saturday):Laurel Massé in concert

" These songs are served by a woman who knows her way around a lyric line. Listen, then try to forget the full rounded notes. Massé demonstrates diction as flawless as her taste in music." Joanne Kaufman, People.
"One of the best vocalists in jazz.... Indeed, there is something almost otherworldly about Massé's emotional magic...as though like Fred Astaire she seemed merely to be down here on a visit." Larry Kart, Chicago Tribune
"One of the two or three best female jazz singers this side of Ella" Lloyd Sachs, Chicago Sun Times
"Consider this a belated Valentine's card to singer Laurel Massé. How can you not fall in love with someone who brings such life and joy to every not that passes through her lips - who transforms even the most familiar songs into stunning new dramatic entities? Massé's opening night set Wednesday at the Cinegrill in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was simply one of the most musically compelling programs ever at that venue - or at most venues, for that matter."
Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times
DATE: Saturday, September 29, 2007.
SHOWTIME: 8:00 p.m. -- Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
DINNER: Limited CASUAL Dinner (LDM)
Available by reservation before the show (not included in ticket price).
Click here for sample menu.
ADMISSION: $20.00 pp (concert only)
LODGING PACKAGE: $450* for two -Two nights lodging with full country breakfast each morning, dinner at the Inn before the show, roundtrip concert shuttle, and two concert tickets. Call 603-447-2120 to order your getaway package.

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