Laurel Massé in New Hope

Hi all, I was lucky to see Laurel Massé¹s concert in New Hope on Fridaynight. The Cosmopolitan Club is a very nice dinner club inside a hotel. Allthe seats were good. I guess they call it an ³intimate venue. I jotted downthe songs, but don¹t know the titles to all of them, so I apologize inadvance for inaccuracies:

1. I'm Flying (from Peter Pan???) ??

2. On the Street Where You Live
3. TMT Medley (she performed a 4-minute version of the TMT songs she> performed over the years complete with choreography. This included Operator, Scotch & Soda, My Cat Fell in the Well, Four Brothers, and a bunch of other songs. The audience really liked this. It was fun to watch!
4. Skylark (great interpretation!!)

5. High Wire (??)

6. Harlem in (I can¹t read my handwriting)???

7. Not Exactly Paris
8. Heart & Soul

9. Fascinating Rhythm (This may have been vocalese, too, I'm not sure)
10. Sweet & Slow

11. Crazy (I heard her sing this at the Moxy show, and it was sung as of the person was really crazy...this time it was still very powerful, but not as scary!!!)

12. A vocalese version of Blue Rondo A La Turk

The Blackest Crow

Laurel Massé introduced the finale song as one that older than dirt. It was> so beautiful. My friend Marion and I were very moved by it. It was such a powerful song, you almost were afraid to breathe till it was over!

Laurel was very animated onstage, and had a great reaction from the audience. When I looked around, I could tell people were enjoying the show a lot.

I bought Feather & Bone, which Laurel signed, and got pictures taken. Marion couldnt see through the viewfinder, so our heads are cut off a little. The second picture is a little blurry, but shows more of Laurel's colorful shirt.

So...I d love to listen to Feather & Bone, but Marion fell in love with it instantly, and she is holding it for me. I may have to buy another one.

Last but not least, I asked about the new Moxy shows, and Laurel said that the name is still a mystery even to them.

I hope you all get to see Laurel Massé in concert some time...the pictures are located in the files section in a folder named 2007 TMT Laurel I also included extra pictures, you may recognize the person in them :)

Till next time, Rachel

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